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Madden 20 November Patch: Franchise And More

Madden's franchise problem has always existed and brought a lot of problems to players. In the update and maintenance last weekend, Madden released the November patch successfully solved the franchise problem, Madden 20's November title update. The patch description has been released. GameMS not only provides quality MUT 20 Coins, but also provides you with more news about Madden 20.

As usual, EA provides a comprehensive overview of its latest updates. The main highlights of this update are the new X-factor zone features, momentum shifts, momentum shifts - inspired by the ultimate team legend LB Ray Lewis, the momentum shift is eliminated In addition to the progress of all opponents' regions, all opposing players will be driven out of the area. Momentum Shift will be activated after 3 successful hits on Arcade and Simulation or 5 successful hits on Competitive. Franchise requirements: Can be used as a field-wide MLB, running regional functions that support FS and running support SS, and ultimately the team requires: as a line guard's regional capability, the franchise model now supports all the features of the previous update.

It's great to see that EA has added regional capabilities throughout Madden's lifecycle this year, which is largely related to the constant attention to detail. Updating details such as the "NFL 100" logo does not affect the overall plan. However, since adding this detail may take a lot of effort, this complements the overall authenticity, the new patch enhances overall stability and connectivity improvements, and the franchise model does not include the Zone and Superstar features in the October update. The situation has changed, which should save more energy on new and existing franchises. If you can create players from scratch and provide them with Superstar and Zone features outside of the franchise model, it will still be fine.

This patch is primarily for franchise updates. All the features added in the previous update are now available in new and existing franchise alliances. The entire update includes player abilities, bug fixes, game updates, and more. However, the main reason is to be able to solve the situation where players who have frequently appeared before can not connect to the server. In addition to this part of the update, maybe the addition of new superstars is also something you need to know. I don't know if you have enough Madden Coins, WR Marvin Harrison, CB Deion Sanders, SS Troy Polamalu, FS Ed Reed will join Superstars, coming to GameMS to Buy MUT coins will be able to help you quickly own them.