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Madden 20: Another new X-Factor ability

In October, we got a fairly large title update. Therefore, there is reason to think that this month's update is smaller. Based on recent events, this update focuses on stability and availability. This means it focuses on maintaining a stable network connection during the game. The most exciting thing about this update is the new X Factor ability, This is a huge improvement for those super players. They will be able to better dominate the entire arena, Buy MUT 20 Coins on GameMS, you will have enough MUT coins to buy superstar player. but for Franchise players, this is very frustrating because many alliances still have no access to their deposits after more than 5 days of reporting and viewing issues.

With the new X-factor zone feature, all previous updates mentioned here can now be used in franchise mode (if accessible). In addition to this, there is a new feature. Momentum shift – inspired by the ultimate team legend LB Ray Lewis, the momentum shift will drive all opposing players out of the area, in addition to eliminating all opponents' regional progress. After successfully hitting the ball 3 times on Arcade and Simulation or 5 times after hitting the ball in the competitive game, the momentum conversion will be activated.

The franchise update, all the features added in the previous update are now available in new and existing franchise alliances: Mossed – inspired by the ultimate team legend WR Randy Moss. When players with this ability enter the zone, they will win controversial catches regardless of the pass rate of 55 yards or more (but when the defender counters with Zoned Out, they will return to the scoring formula, full, full coverage, shutdown and regional eagle capabilities)

This update also includes some other more updates, If you want to know more detailed information about it, you can visit the official Madden 20 website. This news is provided by GameMS and is dedicated to providing the best Madden 20 Coins transaction service and the latest Madden News.