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Play MMO "The Elder Scrolls Online" for free now, and save money if you decide to buy at IGGM : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

Play MMO "The Elder Scrolls Online" for free now, and save money if you decide to buy at IGGM

For most players, the biggest obstacle to entering an MMORPG is not that there is not enough time, but the price cost in the game. Games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV have a large number of subscriptions every month, which also causes players to spend a lot of dollars each year to continue to play games to Buy ESO Gold. This is why many players give up playing MMOs.

Although Elder Scrolls Online does not have a mandatory subscription fee at all (it does offer ESO Plus, an optional subscription with many convenient privileges), it still has upfront price tags like most other AAA games. However, until 7:00 am Pacific time on November 13, the price tag has disappeared, because anyone can download and play basic standard ESO games for free on all platforms.

The trial content includes the original main task storyline, four categories of ESO launched in 23 areas (Night Blade, Wizard, Templar, and Dragon Knight). It will also contain the Morrowind area and story, which is the first major extension of the game but does not include access to the Warden class. The trial version will also not include access to other major extensions (Summerset and Elsweyr) and will not include access to any DLC areas and DLC dungeons.

Among all of the MMOs out there, ESO is certainly one of the most accessible MMOs. If you're acquainted with the Elder Scrolls core single-player game, there are a lot of familiar knowledge in a multitude of familiar areas. However, if you live not acquainted with the series, you can teach you well when playing games.

The latest DLC Dragonhold has just been released with an epic dragon fight and a new area of ​​modest size that extends to the southern Elsweyr area:

You can try Elder Scrolls Online by selecting your favorite platform (PC / Mac client, PC / Mac, PS4 or Xbox One on Steam) on ESO's "Free Play" page. Then, if you decide on ESO Gold For Sale, you can enjoy a large discount.