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Wish list for "The Elder Scrolls Online": ZeniMax Online should look for future chapter expansions in 5 places : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

Wish list for "The Elder Scrolls Online": ZeniMax Online should look for future chapter expansions in 5 places

People at ZeniMax Online have played a major role in portraying Tamriel in Elm Scrolls Online. But the scope of The Elder Scrolls is much more than just the mainline single-player and MMORPG. There are still areas inside and outside Tamriel that we have never seen before, not to mention the area around Nirn.

Unless you are a big fan of the Elder Scrolls, you are probably not familiar with Akaviri, in addition to some of the subject-inspired armor shown above. Therefore, as a true recollection, Akavir is a continent east of Tamriel, separated by a sea called the Beast Kingdom.

This area has a long history and is almost completely unfamiliar to most of the Elder Scrolls players. Tsaesci's viper people are known to have a feast in the humanoid feast and have a strong connection with the Dragon legend, which is the perfect gateway to connect the Dragonhold DLC to keep things narrative. They are responsible for creating the organization that became Blades, and they helped build many customs and traditions in Tamriel.

Dwemer is an integral part of Tamriel's knowledge and still discovers its heritage, creation, invention, and conspiracy in the crypts and ruins that roam throughout the continent. However, players can only communicate very much with the actual Dwemer because they mostly disappeared after the Red Mountain Battle of the first era.

Despite everything left behind, it knows little about its origins. DLC storyline uses time travel, ESO Gold, portal or some other mechanism that allows players to browse the past and provide some information about how and why it disappears, which can be a fascinating and delicious content for ESO players.

If you've ever played The Elder Scrolls IV: Forgetting, you must be familiar with Ayleid, known as the Wild Elf, and spread throughout the settlement of Cyrodiil in North. Their ruins are fabulous, full of magical magic. There is even Chimer associated with Aldmer and directly worship Prince Daedric.

Regardless of what you or any sales figures tell me, I will yell at the top of the mountain that "Forgetting War" is a better game than Skyrim, and a large part of it is the dual world mechanism provided by the launch of Forgotten Fighter. In essence, it is the version of the Elder Scrolls of Hell. Just like the Hell Circle, there are different kinds of planes, each with different princes who rule in different ways. In any Elder Scrolls game, Daedric is usually the most challenging enemy, and ESO is no exception.

Personally, my first choice would be a sea expedition on Pyandonea Island, south-southwest of Summerset. If you've played the Summerset chapter, you might remember encountering Sea Elves, also known as Mortimer. They look a lot like Altmer, but the skin is light blue or white. I would love to see this race as a playable option for the first time in any Elder Scrolls game. Morrowind, Summerset and now Elsweyr are geographically completely different, but almost all Elder Scrolls Online are inland. Although there are many chapters, it is The Elder Scrolls Online Gold that can't be avoided when playing games. I recommend that players buy at IGGM, which is safer and cheaper than many other malls.