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The Elder Scrolls canceled the fearless activity shortly after the online release : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

The Elder Scrolls canceled the fearless activity shortly after the online release

The Elder Scrolls Online announces the next event to celebrate the fearless. The brave is a group of adventure lovers and a new member of the MMORPG. The brave grows up, enters the basement full of monsters and returns to tell the story. This special event will attract players to clean up Tamriel's dungeon to get ESO Gold and Glory.

Players must travel to the dungeon in groups of four or use the Dungeon Finder tool to participate in the competition. Then they must clear the dungeons on the "ordinary" or "veteran" difficulty.

Team search tools have long been a source of frustration for gamers. Many gamers complain that they are paired with unreliable players. Others are dissatisfied with the long wait to find the group.

Even if the game is open to both single and group players, the event does not mean to be done separately. Since the event depends on the team competition, it must be canceled.

Unfortunately, the presentation had problems right after its release. The announcement was announced within the official website: "After the launch with the Undaunted Event, we started to see server the business of the Activity Finder, that happen to be affecting your chance to play games. Our main priority is to make certain you can signing in and Playing the action, so that is why we decided to close the fearless event. Please be aware of the announcement about the wedding soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding." During this period, players can find a lot of safe and Cheap ESO Gold at IGGM.

This is not the first time a group finder has been discovered during the event. In last year's "Fearless" campaign, the event had to be postponed until the repair tool. ESO promises to solve problems around the team's lookup tool, but every event that requires it will have problems.