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The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.9 Update Patch Description

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Players at The Elder Scrolls Online have just received a new update to Fantasy MMORPG. Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.9 update on November 18th and briefly introduced the changes it brought to the game. There are no new or substantial additions to the storyline, and the focus of the update is to address some of the issues affecting basic games and DLC packages. The new update comes in the form of a 187 MB patch that can be downloaded from both PC and Mac players. Today's update is relatively small compared to games like Modern Warfare, which recently released a patch that weighs 3 GB.

Let's take a look at the fixes in the basic game. There was a problem with the "Battle Runner Weapon Style" not appearing in the "Favorites" menu, but it has now been fixed. The patch is also designed to address memory management issues that typically occur when a player roams in a densely populated urban area and causes the game to crash. Mac players sometimes have to endure an error that the game crashes when it is first launched after the update.

Arms, Suramin, is making a comeback and returning to sell his goods at Belkarth. If you used to be a regular player, you must be happy to see him return to business. The Dragonhold DLC and the Murkmire DLC each received a fix. The task of the former is that you can't push the puzzle piece as expected, and the latter's task is to get the "Rebirth River" achievement... but you don't, because it is not properly registered.

You can read some fixes about Alliance War and Champion System on the official website, but this is just a minor update designed to improve your experience in the Elder Scrolls MMO. If you need a Cheap ESO Gold, then IGGM will be your best choice. More and more players are going to IGGM to Buy ESO Gold. Not only because they are cheap, but their websites Are very secure and have customer service to answer your questions about orders.