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Bitcoin in Ethereum Wallet

By 0x

Amazing news is completely invisible to the cryptocurrencies community.Now you can convert Bitcoin Cash to Ethereum token.And this is just the beginning.

On October 24, 2018, the first blockchain system was launched using the open source Open Federated Gateway Protocol (OFGP), which is designed to conduct transactions between Bitcoin networks and Ethereum using a special token.

The new blockchain was developed by iBitcome and DEx.top and was named “Mallow”. It contains an analysis program that allows users to examine the flow of assets in real time, and the Braft built-in algorithm provides high transaction speed. Representatives of iBitcome say they seek to maintain the decentralization of their user base, which underlies blockchain technologies, but at the same time ensures effective interaction between public blockchain services.

How to Convert BCH into WBCH on iBitcome?

According to iBitcome(iBitcome's documentation!), the creation of a new WBCH token will help the interaction between Bitcoin and Ethereum. The cost of a new cryptocurrency is tied to the price of 1 Bitcoin Cash. In the future, developers will connect other networks. Open source, according to developers, will help to enter the market and other blockchains like Mallow, which will create healthy competition, give cryptocurrency owners a choice and minimize centralization. 

Perhaps in the near future we will see new tokens: WBTC, WLTC and others. And this will give a new impetus to the development of decentralized exchanges.