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    • Gatoucield

      Online action game Path of Exile

      The impact of the Path of Exile is a role-playing game developed by a New Zealand developer. The game is also an agent game with the Chinese game company Tencent on March 25, 2016. Path of Exile is an action game. In the game, the emperor had an invincible army that ruled more and more arbitrari...

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      • Cadencealida

        Grinding Gear Games reviews the growth of the Path of Exile

        ExileCon is coming, and Grinding Gear Games wants to make sure everyone knows what they need to get there. In particular, the "Exile Road" developer shared with us a large number of statistics and stories of the game in recent years, detailing the content released since the last large-scale expan...

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        • Cadencealida

          All You need to know about ExileCon and how to watch it

          Grinding Gear Games will host its first-ever ExileCon event on November 16th (Saturday) and November 17th (Sunday). The event was held at the Aotea Center in Auckland, New Zealand. For those who are not very close and unable to participate in the event, there will be live broadcasts that let us k...

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          • Cadencealida

            Path of Exile 2 overhauls gems and skills system

            Today, Grinding Gear Games reveals "The Path of Exile 2". "The Path of Exile" is a very popular host and PC game like Diablo, which relies solely on the appearance of micro-transactions for continuous development. It's a free game, but unlike other games, it can't pay for a single payment. I have...

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            • Cadencealida

              How to get cheap POE Currency POE Orbs

              For anyone using Action RPG Path of Exile (PoE), you may be looking for an easy way to grow/buy POE Currency, POE Orbs, etc. to make your character as better as possible. is just that because it provides a fast, convenient and safe way to exile for sale! has Chaos ...

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