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    • yuandanzou

      Lost Ark cuz you stopped at Lost Ark Gold

      Lost Ark cuz you stopped at Lost Ark Gold a point where Lost Ark doesnt even have any depth. From the beggining of Lost Ark, you could get the skill points for a double wield construct but use a bow, but in the actions that follow, you cant do this as enemies start getting there health hugel...

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      • TomRiva

        Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons and Una - Farming Gold

          Lost Ark Gold is one of the seven currencies of Lost Ark, and it is also the most precious one. Using Gold, you can get some unique items in the auction house, and you can also exchange them with other players, so having a large amount of Lost Ark Gold is good for you in the game. It is a...

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        • MMOgrfy

          Lost Ark Spending an Eternity Together

            Bidding Tab Explained. The second tab of Auction House, the Bidding tab lets you bid on items related to Lost Ark Gold equipment used by players. The filtering system of the Bidding Tab is more complicated than the one in Auction House. Auction Tab. It is possible to sort offers with...

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          • TomRiva

            How to Unlock Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons?

                Lost Ark dungeons are the main endgame event, where Chaos dungeons is a single-player dungeon where you can earn Lost Ark engravings, rare currency, and high-level equipment by completing quests, but it's not unlimited.   How to unlock Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark   Unl...

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            • TomRiva

              How to Get Lost Ark Coins of Courage

                Lost Ark has a variety of forms of currency, including Lost Ark Gold, Silver, Crystals, Pirate Coins, etc. Many players are interested in Coins of Courage For those unfamiliar, Coins of Courage is the Lost Ark's exclusive PvP currency, and earning these coins requires this qualification f...

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              • TomRiva

                How to earn Lost Ark Silver fast

                  What Silver do you need in the Lost Ark? Uses of Lost Ark Silver As one of the currencies, Silver is no less useful than Lost Ark Gold. Players can use Silver to purchase weapons, equipment, and various services. Players set up a route and can farm in 5 minutes a day. How do get silver...

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                • Eliza

                  LOST ARK Ranking PvP Season and update with new defense system

                  LOST ARK Ranked PvP has officially launched on March 24, 2022. At the same time, the Lost Ark weekly update package contains a system update that can continue to combat bots and fraud. Since the official start of LOST ARK Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1, players in the game can officially...

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                  • Honey123kun

                    New roadmap for Lost Ark to alleviate the scarcity of Tier 3 Honing Materials

                    The newly updated Tier 3 content ignores certain variables causing the scarcity of T3 Honing Materials. A solution is currently being prepared.   The Lost Ark updates differently depending on the region. Simlegate RPG and Amazon Games always have the latest news. According to this month's ...

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                    • TomRiva

                      Lost Ark Unknown Island Guide

                      Lost Ark Unknown Island, as its name suggests, is an unknown place, located east of Faten Land or southwest of Shushire. It is also north of the Lost Ark Monte Island, in the middle of the ocean. How can players find the unknown island and get the Island Token?Find Lost Ark Unknown IslandAs one o...

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                      • TomRiva

                        RPGStash Lost Ark Guide: Why Life Skills Matter

                        In Lost Ark, the improvement of life skills can help players improve efficiency, such as unlocking third-level equipment, improving equipment score growth, etc. Many players are still bothered by these, but making full use of life skills such as logging, mining and collecting can help players com...

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                        • wang xing

                          unclear whether or not the captchas Lost Ark Gold will pop in Raids

                          for 2-aspect identity previously. It’s also unclear whether or not the captchas Lost Ark Gold will pop in Raids, which have now and again had bots populate in them as nicely.What seems like it may have a bigger impact is the new limit imposed on transferring purchases. “New stor...

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                          • wang xing

                            campaign to the coronary heartpounding Lost Ark Gold PvP fight

                            has to offer. From the tale-driven campaign to the coronary heart-pounding Lost Ark Gold PvP fight, there may be some thing for absolutely everyone on this sport. So, what are you looking ahead to? Install Lost Ark these days and start your journey! The World of Lost Ark and What Players Ca...

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                            • TomRiva

                              Lost Ark Support Paladin Build | RPGStash

                              The Best Lost Ark Support Paladin Build A good paladin is good at buffing and sustaining the life of your raid members. Unlike Lost Ark’s other support, such as the bard and artist , Paladins in Lost Ark can only heal if built for it, and even then, won’t be able to spam healing in t...

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                              • TomRiva

                                Sharpshooter Raid Build | RPGStash

                                The Best Sharpshooter Raid Build Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS class that heavily relies on their bow and loyal companion: hawk. They are one of the strongest classes that can use both of their class-specific engravings and deal massive damage in the end-game content. However, a sharpshooter's ga...

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                                • wang xing

                                  gadgets on the Auction residence in Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark

                                  promote those undesirable gadgets on the Auction residence in Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark, which unlocks while you attain degree 30 in the sport. If you visit the Auction House for the sake of promoting gadgets and acquiring gold out of it for the primary time, you may be amazed to peer the wide...

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