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    • zheng ppsu

      A Better Choice For Pex Crimp Fitting

      Food, clothing, housing and transportation are necessities for people to maintain their lives, especially housing. How to choose PEX Fittings Plastic when decorating a new house is a very important thing, because once the pipe leaks or other problems, it will have a great impact on the decoration...

      Tags: PEX Fittings Plastic, PEX Crimp Fitting

      • zheng ppsu

        Detailed Explanation Of The Buried Method Of Poly Pex Fittings

           PE double-wall corrugated pipe, also called polyethylene pipe, has good corrosion resistance, connection performance, construction performance, etc., and is often used in coal mine operations. So, what are the matters needing attention when burying the Poly PEX Fittings? Let's t...

        Tags: Poly PEX Fittings, PEX Fittings Plastic