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  • keeping Gronkowski

    keeping Gronkowski

    ...their bid for a three-peat to the next round. Yet Pittsburgh laid down the blueprint over three periods that were decidedly tamer than the Game 3 chaos caused in large part by Washi...

  • We had to PoE currency locate a system

    We had to PoE currency locate a system

    ...The Fire & Ice Mystery Box The concept for this new Mystery Box was going to build on the PoE trade currency success of the earlier-released Chaos & Order Mystery Box. To t...

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    • Cadencealida

      Path of Exile 2 overhauls gems and skills system

      Today, Grinding Gear Games reveals "The Path of Exile 2". "The Path of Exile" is a very popular host and PC game like Diablo, which relies solely on the appearance of micro-transactions for continuous development. It's a free game, but unlike other games, it can't pay for a single payment. I have...

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      • Cadencealida

        Path of Exile 2 Continuation and breakthrough of classics

        Developer Grinding Gear Games confirmed on ExileCon that they are developing Path of Exile 2. Despite its name, Path of Exile 2 is not a traditional sequel. It even gives you the option to play the battle of the base game. In this regard, the title is closer to a larger extension. However, there...

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