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    • Cadencealida

      World of Warcraft Classic, not only nostalgic

      In the World of Warcraft classic game, I was killed eight times before the 10th level. This version is more efficient than World of Warcraft in 2005. In thecurrent World of Warcraft classic version, your mistake will lead you to Death, wow classic is more difficult than you think. In 2017, Blizz...

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      • Cadencealida

        About the future of WOW Classic

        The return of World of Warcraft classics last week caused a huge sensation, just as it was when it was just released in 2004. Thousands of players lined up waiting to enter the game, which made other games appear a little embarrassing. World of Warcraft classics still bring the original feeling ...

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        • Cadencealida

          The TWITCH's audience record of a week was broken by the success of the "World of Warcraft" classic.

          Blizzard Entertainment's massively multiplayer online game TWITCH is regarded as a new height by the "World of Warcraft Classic". From the first full week after the release of 8.26, the "World of Warcraft Classic" view reached an astonishing 47.1 million hours, this data exceeded Any previous gam...

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          • Cadencealida

            World of Warcraft Classic is One of The Best Gaming Communities

            Whenever I log in to World of Warcraft Classic, a notification pops up with more messages from the game mail that have entered my inbox. When I go to Stormwind City to retrieve posts from the nearest collection point (because of video games), the package I receive usually contains a wording from ...

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            • Cadencealida

              Blizzard Explained The Ban On WOW Classic Players

              Recently, Blizzard banned many WOW Classic players' accounts because they used a loophole in the game, Blizzard's game layering technology, reborn the endless boss in the dungeon and then killed the boss to achieve rapid upgrade and Get a lot of rewards, Blizzard believes that this behavior has a...

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              • Cadencealida

                World Of Warcraft Classic The Hottest Game of the Year

                The game of World of Warcraft was launched in 2004. That year, Facebook has just been established. It has been 15 years since today, and 15 years have changed countless things, but players still love this game. "I am already more than ten years old when I just played this game. But in the nostalg...

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                • Ambroise Pierre

                  WOW: Stormwind's Past

                    positionBig cities with new structures also provide commendable old buildings for humans and dwarves. You can take a stroll in Stormwind, rent a horse, or maybe row a speed boat across the moat around the city.Although it's a bad thing to come across a pickpocket in Stormwind City (or els...

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