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    • Sletrry

      Everyone is able to play World of Warcraft

      The audience is now attainable for pre-load, and the alone way to accretion admission is to buy a admission that is basal . The affirmation for World of Warcraft: Classic, the old-school aberration of the adjustment by which the MMO was in 2004, has been continued and will now accomplishment on M...

      • Rskingdom

        all wow classic gold location vanilla beta

        I played with so I understand mob spawn type/level/name and all wow classic gold location vanilla beta rerolled on all fresh server. Therefore I know that servers that are private are only about 20% similar to vanilla. Virtually all herb and mining vein location are not where they were, many...

        • Sletrry

          Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit

          Spell classes accordingly accept to plan something out to get the abracadabra annual from spell hit annual and agreeableness penetration. Armor punch, as we accept elysium project nethergarde gold from WotLK, does not in actuality abide in Classic, and can alone be apparent on a few items forth w...

          • Sletrry

            World of memories and Warcraft Classic

              A Vanilla 2 should perhaps be an entirely new 1-60 experience utilizing the very same mechanics, level development, etc. with a few changes to skills, abilities, etc. in a totally new world, filled with fresh stunt puzzles, balanced PvP, and the like - using what has been learned since va...