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POE Solo Class Builds | Best Solo Class Builds For Beginner

Path of Exile features a complex procedurally generated map that provides players with near-infinite replayability. With the Lake of Kalandra update, players can now enjoy even more end-game content, as well as a brutal alliance of rivals. To fully enjoy the game, especially during a Solo-player league run, a good build guide can make any league a breeze.

Path of Exile as more content is released, players will enter more challenging areas, for Solo players, may need more builds to deal with the bosses and instances of the end game, more career builds Ability to help players adapt to current and future end-game content. Store Path of Exile Currency to help you build.

Ice Shot Mage

Ice Shot Mage is built around skills that can clear enemies in a Solo burst, mainly focusing on ice-based attacks like Ice Shot and Frost Bomb, they will be able to apply a slowing status effect to enemies with excellent clearing speed, Ideal build for beginners.

Players should also use Luna for Greater Shrines for increased movement speed and 5% increased dodge chance, and Garukhan for Small Shrines for increased movement speed and 5% increased dodge chance. Barrage is the best boss-melter skill in the game, for bosses you should use Barrage.

Storm Brand Templar

Suitable for League Starter Friendly, easy to Gear, has strong defense and deals damage. Since the Brand class is good at resisting most damage types, players can focus on maximizing their health, mana, and crit stats.

When the player has enough Sulphite on them, it will never hurt to get gear that provides an extra layer of resistance. It's worth mentioning that Storm Brand Templar doesn't perform well on maps with elemental reflection modifications, Weak Without the Proper Gems.

Poison Blade Assassin

The main focus of Poison Blade Assassin is to stack as many poison debuffs as possible on enemy units. Players can deal powerful Solo-target damage for a short time.

Dodge and Evasion are also well worth the investment, as their lack of crowd control makes them harder to hit while still maintaining their damage, players will need to learn how to lure mobs from the crowd to avoid being overwhelmed.

Mage Skeleton Necromancer

A Great first league builds, The Mage Skeleton Necromancer is primarily based on summoning an army of undead skeletons, and players need to have a lot of mana potions to summon enough skeletons. Additionally, any skill that summons minions requires a long casting time, so players need to be prepared before going into battle, especially against bosses.

As the character levels up and gets stronger, the player will rely heavily on the Cluster Jewel, and in addition to putting points into mana, the player will also need to put in health and health regeneration. Therefore, players need to master Corrupted Gear to defeat advanced monsters and bosses easily.

Tectonic Slam Chieftain

Tectonic Slam Chieftain is one of the best AOE damage outputs in the path of exile. The AOE skill's Tectonic Slam will create cracks in a wide area, easily destroying low-level mobs. But due to its lack of Solo-target damage, this could make boss fights possibly take longer than usual.

Elemental Hit Slayer

The Elementalist is one of the best Solo damage classes in Path of Exile, especially if the player builds with the Elemental Strike Killer. It can randomly use Fire, Cold, and Lightning elements to deal a lot of damage.

If the player is equipped with a unique jewel, when paired with Keystone: Avatar of Fire, it is possible to force elemental hits to deal heavy damage using only fire damage.

Impervious Herald Of Agony Juggernaut

Impervious Herald Of Agony Juggernaut is the Best solo build for Hardcore League. When the Herald of Agony is activated, this poison-type herald gem will poison any creature near the player, and for each stack of poison, there is a chance to summon an Affliction Creeper minion that uses ranged and area attacks. Since the main class of the build is the Juggernaut, players don't have to worry about being killed.

Lacerate Gladiator

Image of a Lacerate Gladiator from Path of Exile, ideal for players who want to inflict endless bleeding status effects on mobs and bosses. The Lacerate Gladiator build mainly uses the skill Lacerate, which has a 25% chance to cause bleeding.

To take advantage of the bleeding state further, players can use the spell stance Blood and Sand, which increases melee damage against bleeding mobs or bosses. Lacerate Gladiator has decent AOE and Solo target damage, it is a long-range melee attack, but its early damage is insufficient and requires a timely attack.

Oro's Flicker Strike Raider

Oro's Flicker Strike Raider is great for farming POE Chaos Orbs and Tanks, Chaos Orbs are one of the most important currencies in the path of exile, allowing players to reroll modifiers on a piece of rare gear, Oro's Flicker Strike Raider players can be sure to always have plenty of Chaos Orbs.

Oro's Flicker Strike Raider uses a unique two-weapon Oro's Sacrifice deals incredible fire damage and generates a furious charge, with heavy dependencies.

Impale Slayer

The Cyclone skill is one of the best mob clearing skills in Path of Exile, as the player can activate it and move with it, creating a moving aura of destruction. Players can use Impale Slayer to deal high damage to enemies at 10% of the total damage.

The Cyclone skill is mainly used to end the game, and its biggest challenge is that when the Cyclone is on cooldown, the player will focus on melee attacks. Low HP and defense make it imperative for players to learn how to dodge and manage their consumables.

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