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    • TomRiva
      TomRiva published a blog post Where to Find and Farm Gold in New World
      Gold in New World is a precious metal used to craft various amulets and rings at the Tier 3 crafting station. It's a valuable but rare metal that can be challenging to come by throughout the regions of New World. To mine gold, players need to have a...
      • TomRiva
        League of Legends, known as LoL, is a game that demands a lot of your time and sometimes even your money. Some LoL players are looking for shortcuts, like buying a level 30 account to skip the initial grind. On the other side, some players want to...
        • TomRiva
          TomRiva published a blog post The Best Guide to Valorant Phoenix
          Phoenix was one of the first Agents to join the Valorant beta, but he remains one of the least utilized duelists. Previously considered overwhelming, he faced tough competition from heavily picked Agents like Sage and Killjoy, making survival...
          • TomRiva
            TomRiva published a blog post Valorant: Best Killjoy Setups on Pearl Site
            Valorant introduced the Pearl map in June 2022. This ancient Portuguese town is now submerged underwater, protected from rising sea levels by a massive geodesic dome, keeping it dry. You can enjoy the nighttime ambiance on this underwater map,...
            • TomRiva
              Being the first player ever to possess all four different types of Ironman accounts is quite the achievement. After dedicating over 8 years to Old School Runescape (OSRS), DeviousOSRS, a faithful OSRS YouTuber, has accomplished this remarkable...
              • TomRiva
                Many League of Legends players yearn to achieve high elo status and are tempted to purchase boosted accounts in hopes of bypassing the grind. However, a recent incident involving a fraudulent player serves as a stark reminder of why buying boosted...
                • TomRiva
                  Generating currency in Path of Exile can be a challenge, especially for newcomers or those struggling to reach end-game bosses and acquire valuable Voidstones. This guide offers effective strategies to help players make POE Currency and...
                  • TomRiva
                    There are several methods to earn gold in the classic World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. For novice players, accumulating WotLK Classic Gold can be quite challenging due to Gold consumes a lot. However, experienced players can find...

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