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D2R PvM Javazon Build Guide - RPGStash

1. Introduction

Hello everyone! Today, I'll be sharing my insights on the Player vs. Monster (PvM) Javazon, a very viable Amazon build for Diablo 2 Resurrected. The inspiration for this build started when I was crafting a character for my younger sibling, and I found it so fun and effective that I had to share it with the community. Let's dive right in!

2. Definitions

  • PvM: Player vs. Monsters
  • ias: Increased Attack Speed
  • FPA: Frames Per Animation
  • FHR: Faster Hit Recovery
  • FCR: Faster Cast Rate
  • FBR: Faster Block Rate
  • slvl: Skill Level
  • FRW: Faster Run Walk
  • DR%: Damage Reduced by X%
  • WSM: Weapon Speed Modifier
  • os: Open Socket(s)
  • JmoD: Jeweler's monarch of Deflecting
  • CoH: Chains of Honor

3. Character Overview

The Amazon begins with these base attributes:

  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Vitality: 20
  • Energy: 15

She also has a growth rate of +2 Life, +1 Stamina, and +1.5 Mana per character level. Each Vitality point grants +3 Life and +1 Stamina, while each Energy point provides +1.5 Mana. Ideal equipment requires you to constantly explore to obtain D2R Items or Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes, and invest energy in managing your character well.

The Javazon build, with the correct equipment and skill distribution, can achieve:

  • Maxed resistances
  • Over 11k damage with Charged Strike
  • Over 4k damage with Lightning Fury
  • Varying life based on charm selection and the choice between max block or not
  • 100% chance of piercing attack

4. Skills Allocation

Allocate your skill points in the following manner:

Passive and Magic Skills (6 points)

  • Critical Strike: 1
  • Penetrate: 1
  • Pierce: 1 (up to slvl 9 with gear for +68% pierce)
  • Dodge: 1
  • Avoid: 1
  • Evade: 1

Javelin and Spear Skills (103 points)

  • Jab: 1
  • Power Strike: 20
  • Charged Strike: 20
  • Lightning Strike: 20
  • Poison Javelin: 1
  • Lightning Bolt: 20
  • Plague Javelin: 1
  • Lightning Fury: 20

The order of skill synergy doesn't matter as long as Charged Strike and Lightning Fury are maxed first. These will be your primary skills for attacks. You'll require a total of 109 skill points, which can be achieved at level 98.

5. Stats Allocation

Distribute your stat points as follows:

  • Strength: Enough for equipment
  • Dexterity: Enough for equipment or max block (based on your preference)
  • Vitality: Everything else
  • Energy: Not necessary

This build features ranged attacks, so deciding between max block or not is entirely up to you.

6. Gear Recommendations

For an optimal Javazon build, consider the following gear:


  • Griffon's Eye Diadem: Ideal for its skill boost, faster cast rate, and lightning damage increase.


The Cat's Eye: Perfect if using Thunderstroke for increased attack speed.

  • The first thing to note is that it is possible to achieve max resistances with this build, along with high amounts of damage from Charged Strike and Lightning Fury (based on use of Chains of Honor and Moser's). The total amount of life you can attain will depend on your charms and whether you decide to max your block rate or not. Importantly, the Javazon has a 100% chance of a piercing attack.

Skill Distribution

The core of your Javazon build lies in skill distribution. This is how you should ideally distribute your skills:

Passive and Magic Skills (6 points total)

  • Critical Strike: 1 point
  • Penetrate: 1 point
  • Pierce: 1 point (At skill level 9 with gear, it provides a +68% chance to pierce targets. Aim to boost Pierce before you end up with synergies.)
  • Dodge: 1 point
  • Avoid: 1 point
  • Evade: 1 point

Javelin and Spear Skills (103 points total)

  • Jab: 1 point
  • Power Strike: 20 points
  • Charged Strike: 20 points
  • Lightning Strike: 20 points
  • Poison Javelin: 1 point
  • Lightning Bolt: 20 points
  • Plague Javelin: 1 point
  • Lightning Fury: 20 points

Ensure that you prioritize maxing out Charged Strike and Lightning Fury first as they are your primary attacks. A total of 109 skill points are needed, achievable at level 98.

Stats Distribution

The optimal distribution of your stat points is as follows:

  • Strength: Just enough to equip your gear
  • Dexterity: Enough for gear or enough for max block depending on shield used and preference
  • Vitality: Put the remainder of your points here
  • Energy: No points needed

As your Javazon uses ranged attacks, you have the freedom to decide whether you wish to max block or not.


In this section, I'll outline the equipment best suited for a PvM Javazon.


  • Opt for Griffon's Eye Diadem, socket it with an Increased Attack Speed (ias) jewel or a Rainbow Facet for optimal performance.


  • You have two excellent choices: The Cat's Eye (especially beneficial if using Thunderstroke) or Highlord's Wrath (particularly suited if using Ethereal Titan's Revenge for more physical throw damage).


  • Choose between Titan's Revenge Ceremonial/Matriarchal Javelin or Thunderstroke Matriarchal Javelin based on your needs and play style.

Body Armor:

  • Chains of Honor provides a good resistance boost and decent damage, though it lacks ias. Enigma is an alternative if you need extra strength and faster run/walk. Also, consider a socketed Jeweler's Dusk Shroud/Archon Plate of the Whale/Squid with ias/res jewels or Rainbow Facets.


  • Moser's Blessed Circle Round Shield, socketed with two Rainbow Facets, or the Stormshield Monarch (especially useful if using max block), socketed with an ias jewel or Rainbow Facet, are good choices. The Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting or Artisan's Tower Shield of Deflecting are also viable options and can be socketed with ias jewels or Rainbow Facets.

Shield Switch:

  • Consider using Lidless Wall, Sigon's Guard, Splendor or Spirit for your shield switch. Make sure you have enough strength to use them effectively.


Choose either 3 Java/20 ias magical gloves.

  • ~ Lightning Immune Monsters ~

In general, all lightning immune monsters can be ignored since we are focusing on PvM gameplay. However, there are a few exceptions you should be aware of:

  1. Souls in Worldstone Keep (Wsk)
  2. Gloams in Throne of Destruction
  3. Prowling Dead in Crypt (Players 8)
  4. Flesh Spawners in Flayer Dungeon

These monsters can be annoying but, they can be defeated using Jab or by letting your mercenary handle them. The best way to deal with them is to avoid confrontation when possible, and move quickly past them. If they are blocking your path, use Jab in conjunction with the life leech from your gear to slowly whittle them down. The life leech will help maintain your health while you are engaged in close quarters combat.

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~ Special Thanks ~

A special thanks to all the contributors in the Amazon forum, your shared wisdom and experience have been invaluable. Also, kudos to those who helped in the preparation and feedback of this guide. Your collective knowledge and insights have made this guide possible, and hopefully, a beneficial resource for all PvM Javazon enthusiasts.

And to you, dear reader, thank you for your time and interest. I hope this guide serves you well on your Javazon journey. Always remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the game! Good luck and happy hunting!"

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