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D2R Gem Guide: How to use Diablo 2 Resurrected Perfect Gems?


There are 5 kinds of Diablo 2 Resurrected Perfect Gems, they are perfect emphasis, perfect rubies, perfect sapphires, perfect diamonds, perfect emeralds diamonds, these D2R Gems will play different roles in the game.

What do D2R Gems do?

Different D2R Gems play different roles. Perfect emeralds are great for poison damage if you're using a very low-level character, you can add a little extra poison damage to your weapon. At level 18, if you can get a four-slot bow, the poison damage can go up to 400, which is very effective for every one of the D2R Ladder Items. Once you become an advanced character, the poison damage won't be that big.

Upgrade D2R Unique Items

D2R Gem can upgrade the normal version of D2R Items to the nightmare version, and from the nightmare version to the Hell version. To upgrade the normal D2R Unique Armor to the nightmare Items, you need a shale rune a towel rune, and a perfect diamond.

The upgrade items feature hundreds of different recipes, each requiring a different set of D2R Runes and a perfect set of diamonds, and you can use these lipids for some useful items.

Upgrade D2R Rare Items

If you own a very rare D2r Item, but it's only normal quality, you can use perfect diamonds to upgrade it to Nightmare and from Nightmare to Infernal version, which is very useful for weapons,

Upgrade rare items

Also upgrade rarities, for example, if you've just spawned an awesome rarity with the most amazing rarity spec set. The most amazing rare item, but it's only normal quality, you can upgrade it from normal to nightmare or from nightmare to hell version. This is especially useful for weapons.

To upgrade a common rare item, such as just a common war scepter, then you need to use Amron, ORTH runes and perfect sapphire, there is no problem to upgrading from common to rare, but when you want to upgrade from excellent to elite, usually Requires things like PULL Runes CO Runes UM Runes FOUL Runes and it becomes more difficult to upgrade these items.

Perfect Amethyst upgrades common rare weapons, AM ORT and Sapphire upgrade rare armor. This would be a perfect PULL a CO in Amethyst to upgrade a special rare weapon. This is a dirty but perfect unique sapphire, a completely different formula. The unique item is the normal unique armor, and the nightmare is the shale towel diamond, which is displayed in refined mail.

If you find it troublesome to upgrade items, then I recommend you to Buy D2R Ladder Items directly from RPGStash, no matter what attributes you need, RPGStash can help you. You can also buy D2R Runes, and then experience the process of upgrading items and equipment, which is also a kind of fun.