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What is the Roubles in Escape from Tarkov?

There are various forms of EFT Money in Escape From Tarkov, including EFT USD, EUR, Roubles, and even Bitcoin, and escape from tarkov roubles are the most used, you can get them by doing tasks and using them to buy EFT Items.

EFT Roubles use

1. Lucky Scav Junkbox

Storage boxes for different items and merchandise needed for bartering (except consumables, keys, intel, etc). This container allows for 196 additional inventory slots while only taking up 16 slots in the player's inventory. It's great for storing a lot of items in the early game.

New players will want to save money from the healer and buy this item. However, it can also be crafted.

2. Item case

Storage case for different items and goods This container provides 64 additional storage slots. It occupies 16 slots in the player's inventory. New players can buy from the healer. Item boxes are great for newcomers with limited inventory space, especially for those who own the standard edition of the game.

3. Keys

Buying keys will allow access to different routes and exits, as well as better equipped rooms. If you want, you can buy EFT Items directly from rpgstash.com, which includes keys, which are very cheap and much more cost-effective than getting them in-game.

Escape From Tarkov isn't worth it for players to rely too heavily on the character, as the game wipes out progress with new updates. To challenge any task, please buy eft roubles in advance. If you are short of items, you can also get them here quickly. It is very convenient and safe, and it is the best choice for players.