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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The best Armor for Mercenaries


D2R Mercenaries are essential for players, and there are more options for mercenary armor than weapons or helmets. Generally, Runeword items are preferred, if you find an ethereal unique piece of armor you might want to consider upgrading it to Elite.

The best body armor for your mercenaries is the rune D2R Items For Sale Tough, no problem. In addition, the Cold Armor effect provides more defense, and it also has a total resistance of 25-30. Find a high defense 4-hole elite ethereal armor and insert El+Sol+Dol+Lo runes to craft it.

When you level up your mercenaries, you can use Runewords body armor which are Smoke, Treachery, and Stone. The rune for smoke is Nef+Lum. It has a +50 full resistance option, so it can get a lot of resistance in hell. On Betrayal (Shael+Thul+Lem), there is a 45% increased attack speed option and a 20% faster hit recovery option, the fade effect is very useful.

To craft the Stone, you need 4-socket body armor and the Shael+Um+Pul+Lum rune. It has a 250-290% boost defense option for amazingly defensive armor. +300 Defense is also very useful against missiles, +16 Strength and +15 All Resist options.

Among the unique items, Gladiator's Bane, Duriel's Shell, and Axle Blocks are good. While Runewords items are more efficient, it will come in handy if you get one of these items in ethereal form.

Gladiator's Bane has options for faster hit regen, damage reduction, inability to freeze, and reduced poison length. On Duriel's shell, there is strength and all resistances, and on Shaftstop, there is health and damage reduction. Duriel's Shell and Shaftstop are special-level items, so by placing them in the Horadric Cube along with Ko Rune and Lem Rune, it's mostly used to level up to Elite.

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