Old School RuneScape Shattered Relics League launches : 0xbt

Old School RuneScape Shattered Relics League launches


The Old School RuneScape Shattered Relics league is live and it's the best time for players to be on OSRS. is a new challenging game mode for players to dive into, using triathlon rules to prevent players from trading and participating in PvP.

Before players join new challenges, please prepare enough OSRS GP in advance for smooth challenges. Players participating in the Shattered Relics league must compete through the content available to them to earn valuable rewards.

These, in turn, will allow them to access increasingly difficult content and relive the game in a whole new way. Experience gains multipliers that make the whole experience faster, which is why many players prefer to go back. These alliances have previously proven successful in capturing the attention of the Old School RuneScape community.

Shattered League will run until March 3rd. So if you've always wanted to go back to Old School RuneScape, now may be the time to do so. If you plan to enter the Shattered League, you can first Buy OSRS GP from a reliable supplier such as RPGStash to ensure a better experience with the new mode of Old School RuneScape.