Escape from Tarkov Chad is a great way to make money : 0xbt

Escape from Tarkov Chad is a great way to make money


EFT Chad hears gunfire in the distance as a call to action and enters with violence. They carry plenty of Roubles with them, carry the best gear to ensure they can win battles, tag corpses, and leave with someone else's prized gear.

Players have plenty of guns in a few raids, and you're ready to battle other players for the top loot area, hoping to earn some EFT Items in the process. The first thing to do is to understand the hotspots. These usually tend to be close to bosses, such as Reshala at Customs or Shturman at Woods. The bosses themselves, as well as their bodyguards, usually use some of the best gear, and at the very least, high-value gear sells well.

Each boss has an item as unique as Shturman's key. Bosses and their followers can be powerful enemies, but defeating them is not the end goal, defeating players who also want rewards is the goal. Being prepared to fight them is more important than the bosses themselves, you want to avoid getting caught up in battles with numerous AI Scavs while also being attacked by other players.

Staying on the edge of boss battles and being able to enter and exit battles as needed is key to ensuring your survival. Involving other players in the firefight allows you and your squad to pick easily. Even if you don't get the boss' loot, the players who come to fight will be just as well equipped, if not better, so salvaging some gear from them can be the key to profitability.

When preparing for your battle reload, make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to ammo, I recommend you Buy EFT Items with fast delivery from, because having a cheap gun is just as easy when your bullet goes through everything in front of the barrel Not a problem anymore. Just make sure to balance your bullet cost with the income you get from raids.