Distribution of ZXBT tokens. : 0xbt

Distribution of ZXBT tokens.

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    First BigCrazy Free ICO
    Free distribution of tokens ZerroXBToken
     Project 0xbt


       Address distribution of tokens ZXBT
       (with a reserve fund). Total - 46,000,000.000 tokens ZXBT:


       1. Send 0.005 ETH to this address
       2. In this section send a message with information about: 
           - Your transaction. 
           - Your Ethereum address. 
       3. After verification, we will send tokens ZXBT



        Contract Adress:  

        Name: ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt 
        totalSupply: 210000000000 
        Decimals: 3 
        Symbol: ZXBT 
        ERC20-TOKEN ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt Adress 
        Read Smart Contract
         Address distribution of tokens ZXBT:

        The address of the ZXBT token for future sale:
        Adress team ZerroXBToken Project:


         ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [En]
         ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [Ru]

         Terms of distribution of ZXBT tokens [En]
         Terms of distribution of ZXBT tokens [Ru]
         Distribution of ZXBT tokens.
         Group ZXBT
         Poll of the ZXBT Group

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