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For me the best crypto exchange is Bitfinex, because of the trading interface. Followed by Binance and Kucoin.


A recommendation for the year 2018 would be the coin ELIXIR (ELIX). Its a token for P2P lending via a mobile app. Has been 2,4$ and is now back at 0,50$. Best moment to get in. Two digit price can be expected of this one.



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      airdrophannes commented on the blog Distribution of ZXBT tokens.
        0x7e3b1aff5b1a95cf28c4ff967522d397272861ad    https://etherscan.io/tx/0x5f51c556a0fd040989c977e2376874d7630afd80941ab63f3d3e2303ec359e1c
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        airdrophannes commented on the blog Terms of distribution of ZXBT tokens [En]
        Where do we have to,  "Specify the best crypto-exchanger" and "Indicate promising cryptocurrency 2018"? Somewhere in the profile settings, in the text box?
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              airdrophannes commented on the blog ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt [En]
              really nice idea! No one ever thought about this. I'm really excited how it will work out. So you guys are from Russia? Hope there are some news, written in english in the future. That would help to expand the community. But as I said above, really...

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