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Have your Bunny Day Set Items been set?

Have your Bunny Day Set Items been set?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Bunny Festival this year has landed on the island. Related items can also be made and designed. Egg and furniture DIY recipe, I believe you have already got it. But you need to pay attention to the following 5 items for limited-time items.

After the version is updated to the free version 1.9.0. The new 2021 Bunny Day items and their costs appear below:

Bunny Day Candy: 1,300 Bells
Bunny Day Garden Flag: 1,500 Bells
Bunny Day Topiary: 2,000 Bells
Bunny Day Planter Box: 2,300 Bells
Bunny Day Tree: 3,800 Bells

The rest of the pieces of the set are DIY recipes players will find in Egg balloon presents, Egg bottles that wash high on the beach, and also by talking to various villagers. They all require varieties of Eggs to craft. From March 28 to April 4, fans can find and gather six sorts of Bunny Day Egg around their island: Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky, and Water. Some of these are easier to find as opposed to runners, and players should have better luck hunting by spending Nook Miles for just a Buy Nook Miles Tickets and choosing a mystery island tour.

Bunny Day 2021 is officially here, and although this first repeat event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons bears much being similar to last year's festivities, there are many new features and collectibles only at the 2021 iteration. Animal Crossing: New Horizons were built with a great novice, but one in the dimmer spots for fans was Bunny Day, which received a large amount of criticism to get intrusive and somewhat annoying to navigate, in particular when it stumbled on the Egg resources. Nintendo brought the big event back, setting up a few changes towards the Egg hunt mechanic to avoid players from constantly pulling Eggs when evaluating other materials. Additionally, to make the big event fun for individuals who experienced it a year ago, developers added new, exclusive 2021 items on the Bunny Day furniture set.

Much on the Bunny Day furniture merchandise is DIY recipes players must discover by popping balloons, finding messages in bottles, collecting a certain amount of each kind of Egg, and actually talking to Zipper and resident villagers. However, 5 new 2021 backpacks are not DIYs and instead need to be purchased using bells. Players will undoubtedly have a little while to collect every one of them before the finale on April 4. Here's getting all the new Bunny Day 2021 furniture components of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The last time has passed, I believe you have got them with Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

Of the 23 limited-time products in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day set, five are simply available as purchases from a substitute Nook's Cranny. Like other things for sale, players can spend ACNH Bells to get these new seasonal goodies. The only one will likely be available in the seasonal slot per day in the event, so players must be sure to check back daily when they want to accumulate all five.