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    • Seysmeattat
      Animal Crossing New Horizons: Horribly Villagers
      Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons are NPCs players will inevitably come into contact with. There are currently nearly 400, but players may not really like many. But there are also some that players may not like. After all, as a design game,...
      • Seysmeattat
        Animal Crossing New Horizons: Legacy of Villagers
        Animal Crossing New Horizons is updated almost every month, sometimes more than one. Various new themes, objects, and even new villagers. As an important NPC on the island, the villagers, although new ones continue to join, there are still many...
        • Seysmeattat
          Animal Crossing: New Horizons with H&M: Maisie Williams
          Animal Crossing: New Horizons has partnered with H&M, another collaboration in the fashion industry. Maisie Williams is the representative of this synthesis. The upgrade of the clothing design will be based on Looop Island's recycling...
          • Seysmeattat
            Do you like these Animal Crossing's Villagers?
            Animal Crossing: There are nearly 400 villagers in New Horizons. They are basically designed by animals as prototypes, or by people with different personalities. It has its own personality, name, and gender, all of which are very cute or have...
            • Seysmeattat
              Animal Crossing: New features in New Horizons
              For many players, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the reason to pay attention to the Animal Crossing series of games. In a special period, it can become hot like the fourth generation, which is closely related to its new functions. NookPhone...
              • Seysmeattat
                Yes, the fishing competition is here. April 10 is the date of the fishing contest in the southern and northern hemispheres. The cute blue-eyed beaver CJ will host this fifth fishing competition for you. For ACNH fans, this is an event worth...
                • Seysmeattat
                  Animal Crossing: New Horizons: insufficient
                  Animal Crossing: New Horizons won a huge victory in 2020 when the epidemic broke out. No matter how popular the game is, there will always be people who understand its shortcomings. The design path of New Horizons may dry up. Players control the...
                  • Seysmeattat
                    Seysmeattat published a blog post Have your Bunny Day Set Items been set?
                    Have your Bunny Day Set Items been set?
                    Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Bunny Festival this year has landed on the island. Related items can also be made and designed. Egg and furniture DIY recipe, I believe you have already got it. But you need to pay attention to the following 5 items...

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