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    • fittingtony
      Do You Know Ball Valve Types Specifications?
      Depending on the application, you should determine which pvc ball valve type is the right one for you. You should consider different specifications such as pressure, size, temperature, number of ports, body materials, end connectors, and...
      • fittingtony
        We Introduce These Types Of Pvc Ball Valve
        V-Port or Segmented Ball Valves Various industries use v-port or segmented pvc ball valve to control flow in modulating applications. A producer can control v-port or segmented ball valves mechanically or by using pneumatic or electric power to...
        • fittingtony
          fittingtony published a blog post What Are Types Of Pvc Ball Valve?
          What Are Types Of Pvc Ball Valve?
          There are five general body styles of pvc ball valve: single body, three-piece body, split body, top entry, and welded.
          • fittingtony
            fittingtony published a blog post Types of Pvc Ball Valves
            Types of Pvc Ball Valves
            First, we will take a look at a few different types of ball valves. Some are easier to clean than others, with a variety of body types available.
            • fittingtony
              What Is Working Principle Of Two Piece Of Ball Valves?
              Valves play an important role in manufacturing various kinds of items we use or come across on a day-to-day basis.
              • fittingtony
                The pp compression fitting eliminates the need for soldering or welding a connection, which makes them quick and simple to use. Further, no special skill or tool is needed to assemble and install the fitting. If a fitting is needed in an area that...
                • fittingtony
                  1) It is strictly prohibited to throw, drop, roll or drag pp fitting in the process of handling; 2) PPR pipes and pipe fittings shall be stored in warehouse and simple shed, and the stacking height shall not exceed 1.5m.

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