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Ningbo Jintong Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd is large blow and rotational molding part manufacturers, we OEM/ODM custom rotational molding and blow molding for automotive parts


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    • deftank
      deftank published a blog post Choosing the Right Car OEM Automotive Part
      It is important to buy the correct car OEM automotive part for your car. In the past, auto manufacturers built every part themselves, but now most of them contract with outside companies to produce the parts they need for their vehicles. Because of...
      • deftank
        deftank published a blog post How to Find a Reputable Def Tank Manufacturer
        Def Tank is a tank used in vehicles to store diesel exhaust fluid. It is used to prevent fires caused by explosions. It is available in many sizes and shapes. One of the advantages of using a Def tank is that the manufacturer will take care of all...
        • deftank
          Blow molding is one of the common methods used by injection mold manufacturers to manufacture plastic parts. Injection molding is mainly utilized in the manufacturing of polymers and plastics. The word, plastic mold, just means plastic molding with...
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