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Who creates games?

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    I want to develop my own game. We gathered a small team and formed an idea, we need specialists who will approve the idea and start developing the game. Before developing a full-fledged game, you will need to create a working demo. Who is developing the games?

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      • John90
        By John90

        Sometimes, of course, if there is no opportunity and means to implement a full-fledged game, then you can try to create a demo mode and check the general features of the game, how will it go further and whether it will work at all.

        • 0x
          By 0x

          Good ideas are often stolen. I would wrap this idea into a fantasy story and publish it. That is, you will receive copyright for a literary work.
          I would announce the creation of a game based on this story.
          And I would look at the result of the reviews.

          • Tarkina23
            By Tarkina23

             As for the idea, I don't know of course - the idea must be your own.
            Regarding the development of such a game, I can advise https://kevurugames.com/game-art/aaa-game-art-studio-services/
            If your idea is real, then I think you can work with the developers and bring the idea to life.