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    • Judson
      Judson asked question How to create your own bookmaker?
      Guys, help me find a solution how to properly design a bookmaker's office. Since I have many years of betting on sports and know about it not a little decided to enter this business from the bookmaker's side.
      • Judson
        Judson asked question Minibus rental in Munich
        I am a teacher and the other day my students and I arrived in Munich. We have more than 3 weeks to spend here and visit different places to learn new things. We need a vehicle to transport so many people. I am thinking of ordering a minibus to...
        • Judson
          Judson asked question Where can I get quality backlinks?
          I have created a website and am in the process of promoting it. I need to get as many backlinks as possible from thematic sites and forums. As a rule, as long as authoritative sites are linking to your resource, by default your project will grow and...
          • Judson
            Judson asked question How to optimize cloud costs?
            Hello, I am looking for people who will provide planning, analysis and cost reduction tools to minimize our investment in the cloud. I would like to know about the current cost management approach in my organization.
            • Judson
              Judson asked question How to create a shop on Shopify?
              To make my business more successful and profitable, as a live store owner, I decided to create an online store and combine offline and online trading. I would like to create an online store on the Shopify platform, tell me how can I do it?
              • Judson
                My Magento store has been around for a long time, I would like to try migrating it to Shopify as I think Shopify has more advantages. And I want to develop and grow in my business, which is why I choose Shopify. Which specialists can quickly...
                • Judson
                  Judson asked question Recording a user session on a site
                  In order to bring my site to the TOP of search engines, I decided to find a way to record the user's session on my site. To track what attracts visitors the most, where they go most often, what they read and what buttons they click. Do you know what...
                  • Judson
                    Judson asked question Who creates games?
                    I want to develop my own game. We gathered a small team and formed an idea, we need specialists who will approve the idea and start developing the game. Before developing a full-fledged game, you will need to create a working demo. Who is developing...

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