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How to create a shop on Shopify?

    Asked by Judson Answers (3)

    To make my business more successful and profitable, as a live store owner, I decided to create an online store and combine offline and online trading. I would like to create an online store on the Shopify platform, tell me how can I do it?

    Answers (3)

      • John90
        By John90

        You made the right decision. Shopify technologies just allow you to simplify your sales by creating an electronic store using this technology. In offline mode, your sales will take place almost without your participation.

        • ShwedS
          By ShwedS

          It has long been known that offline trading is automated almost without your participation. The most important thing here is that your online store is as convenient and attractive as possible for your customers.

          • Miller90
            By Miller90

            I have my own car battery store. I am also thinking about creating my own e-shop. So that customers can see what batteries are in stock and leave a request for a purchase. I appreciate what is written here.